Black Clover 324 Scans bruts et spoiler de la date de sortie du manga

Add to that Asta’s incredible Anti-Magic and we have a powerful force to move this seemingly immovable object called Lucifer.

The constant banter between Nacht and Yami is absolutely hilarious. They bring out a great side of each other through their shared and complex past. For the future, we would like to see more interactions between these two characters.

We hope to see more characters getting into mischief in the upcoming chapters. Knowing Lucifero, it will not be easy to defeat him. And so, many characters could go after him.

What worries us is the fact that only Asta can hurt him and she is still too weak to deal serious damage.

Will we see a new power-up in Black Clover Chapter 324? For some time we have only focused on Asta. We must not forget that Liebe has an equal, if not greater, interest in this matter.

Maybe Liebe will tell Asta about Lichita and how Lucifero finished her off. Maybe this will give Asta the boost she needs.


Black Clover Chapter 324 Release Date

A lot of sites offer free manga reading. free reading. However, the authentic Japanese version of the series can only be found in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Raw scans of Black Clover 324 are scheduled to drop in this week’s Jump, on February 16, 2022.

As we said, free manga is plentiful. These are mostly fan-made scans. They get the filtered raw files, translate them, and after redaction, post them online.

You can expect the fan version of this chapter to be released on February 19, 2022.

On February 20, 2022, the official English scans of Black Clover 324 will be released. Reading them is free and legal. You must visit one of three sources to access: the Shonen Jump app, the VIZ website, and the Mangaplus website.

One Piece 1041 and My Hero Academia Chapter 344 will also be released this week on the Shonen Jump website for everyone to read.

Black Clover 324 Manga Discussion

A surprisingly moving chapter in the midst of this fierce battle! Tabata sensei struck a chord with us in this chapter and in Black Clover chapter 324 we are going to show the combined strength of the Black Bulls.

The fight still seems almost unwinnable, but the silver lining is slowly getting brighter!

Black Clover episode 171 is also scheduled to return soon with the fifth season of the anime.

How did Yami get back?

In the last chapter, Nacht was about to sacrifice himself to allow Asta to land a hit. However, Yami intervened at the right time to save him. Although it was a very heroic task, we do not know how she managed to do it.

Yami had been captured by Zenon, and thanks to the Triad, most of his mana was spent on Qliphoth Tree magic. As he lay there, it was Red and Gray who tried to heal him. And they got it. But they only healed the man, reduced his fatigue.

What is impressive is the state of his body. Someone, your body has adapted to the situation. Just like how Liebe possessed Asta, there has been a change in Yami.

This could be further explored in the Black Clover 324 spoilers. The bottom line is that Yami is full of magic right now and can fight very well.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Captain William. He is in critical condition and needs medical assistance. However, before he left, he poured all of his magic into the Mistilteinn Sword and gave it to Yami.

What did Zora do?

Despite all his miracles, Yami still couldn’t resist the force of Lucifero’s attack. He was immediately pushed back. He still managed to save Nacht. Unfortunately, this left Asta vulnerable and Lucifero immediately attacked him.

Surprise! Zora had already set a special trap. And with Secre’s help, she imbued the trap with sealing magic! Together, they managed to get rid of the Devil.

In Black Clover chapter 324 we will see if they can last 30 seconds.

What will Nacht and Yami do now?

Since Morgen’s death, Nacht constantly punishes himself. He sees no value in himself and wants to spend his life doing good work. And for now, he believes his death will be appropriate. He just wants to do something useful, ignoring his own safety.

However, Yami agrees with him. She has to learn to live with everything Nacht hates about her past. However, Yami is not going to listen to any of this. She is going to save his friend, and Nacht is one of his best friends.

It was Morgen who said that Yami and Nacht would make a fantastic team. We will see his wish come true in Black Clover manga 324. The two captains of the Black Bull will fight side by side and help defeat Lucifero.

Black Clover 324 spoilers

We only post confirmed spoilers on our site. And we will be able to provide them to you as soon as the leaks are discovered. Spoilers for BC 324 are expected around February 16, 2022.

We will talk about it in this section and you can enjoy it. However, you must be patient until we find them. Why not check out our solo leveling anime article while you wait?

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